1. 24 November 2013:

    The Military Council controls all agricultural production 

    Posters outside the American University in Cairo’s Tahrir Square campus in downtown Cairo on Mohammed Mahmoud Street.

    It is estimated that the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) controls anywhere between 15-40% of the Egyptian economy. Quoted in an article on Al-Jazeera English, "Egypt military’s economic empire", American University in Cairo professor Khaled Fahmy describes the situation in Egypt as a “grey economy, in the sense that we know very little of them, they are not subject to any Parliamentary scrutiny, the Egyptian government auditing office has no control or knowledge of them.”

    Although we do not have actual statistics, it is clear that the army has immense control over the Egyptian economy - something it is probably not too keen on relinquishing anytime soon. Thus this poster projects that instead of supporting the achievement of democratic change over the next few years, the army will not only maintain but actually expand its sphere of influence to include all aspects of agricultural production.